Corporate Profile

  MCQC Technologies Sdn Bhd
MCQC Technologies Sdn Bhd was incorporated on May 16, 2002 and commenced operation in April 2006. Principally an ultra high precision thermoplastic component manufacturer, MCQC utilizes world acclaimed precision molding technologies, providing highest quality engineering thermoplastic components to our customers in the most efficient manner.
MCQC Precision Sdn Bhd  
MCQC Precision Sdn Bhd was established in response to market trend for total precision plastic solution. With careful planning and execution, the 2nd operation was incorporated on February 7, 2007 and this marks the initiation of MCQC in bringing its molding process to a full circle by including secondary processes. Distanced only by 30-minute drive from parent company, it boasts the area size of 4 times the parent company and bring about a one-stop solution for your company's needs.


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